MDS 3.0 Quality Measures User’s Manual Version 5.0 and Errata Document (6/12) CMS

Note: On June 6, 2012, CMS issued an errata document for version 5.0 of the manual. The errata document includes a correction to the calculation of the ‘Prevalence of antianxiety/hypnotic use’ state surveyor measure (Appendix E) in the manual.

The finalized version 5.0 manual includes the following:

Chapter 1, QM Sample and Record Selection Methodology, includes information about definitions, selecting QM samples, short-stay record definitions, and long-stay record definitions.

Chapter 2, MDS 3.0 Quality Measures Logical Specifications, breaks down the definitions, including numerators, denominators, and potential exclusions, for the publicly reported short-stay QMs and long-stay QMs

Appendix A, Technical Details

Appendix B, Parameters Used for Each Quarter

Appendix C, Episode and Stay Determination

Appendix D, Measures Withdrawn from NQF Submission

Appendix E, Surveyor Quality Measures, defines the survey-only QMs that are not publicly reported.


MDS30-QM-UsersManual-ErrataVersion50 (new)

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